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About your Interior Designer, Anna Petrone

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Anna Petrone and this is how I got into Interior design, and how my experiences can help you make your visions into reality.

I have lived in Oregon my whole life. My favorite part of Oregon is the coast, which is basically my second home. My grandparents have a beach house that my grandpa and father built in 1980. When I was growing up, we drove to the beach almost every weekend, making it become my Happy Place. When it became time to remodel I was happy to be the front leader. (see my design board page for more detail on that project).

I also love to paint and draw, which helps me relax after a crazy week, which is probably why I love making design boards in my free time!

Another part of my life that impacted my career was when growing up my parents would remodel houses and let me and my sister help. We simply painted rooms or scraped off old wallpaper, but I always loved the process. In the most recent years, I fell in love with the idea that what we were fixing up was going to be enjoyed by future families for years to come.

Growing up I was lucky enough to have a dad that didn’t mind taking me on his work trips. Being a residential appraiser, he would take me to houses, and by doing that exposed me to all the new trending materials, styles of homes, and helped me find my design niche. I always loved entering new homes and seeing what I could do with a space by simply adding a sofa or an armchair to the other side of the room and having that transform the look. While new is always great I have also worked with older houses and have grown to love them as well.

As you can see, all the reasons above helped shape me into the career path I have now and I plan to use this knowledge and experience to help my clients be happy with their space.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the rest of my website!

Anna Petrone Interior Design

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