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DIY Farmhouse Color Packet

These colors are perfect for a farmhouse or creating your own dream farmhouse style. This DIY Farmhouse Color Packet is a great example on what colors to use in rooms, but also where you can be creative as well and mix it up! It is your space and your DIY project.

The Kitchen color is a beautiful off white. Would go well with darker cabinets and lighter cabinets. The color has a tint of gray but it will still look good in a kitchen.

The Laundry room is a beautiful green tone with a gray tint. The color is a beautiful earth tone green. The color gave me inspiration for it to be the laundry room. I love the earth tone greens for laundry rooms or even for cabinets!

The Office color is a nice warm cream color. Having a nice warm color for a office is a nice warming touch when working from home.

The Master Bedroom color is a beautiful warm white. Perfect for a master bedroom. It is a calm color and will look good with any accessories you may have.

The Bonus Room color is a perfect blue for a play room for kids. The color has a hint of gray, and it is beautiful. The color won't go out of date by choosing a "true" blue.

The Bathrooms color is a perfect neutral for all the bathrooms. The color is a perfect balance between brown/gray hues. Very neutral color that you can easily accessories.

The names of the colors are:

Kitchen: Snowbound White, SW 7004

Laundry Room: Rare Gray, SW 6199

Office: Dover White, SW 6385

Master Bedroom: Arcade White, SW 7100

Bonus Room: Uncertain Gray, SW 6234

Bathrooms: Repose Gray, SW 7015

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We are looking forward to see what you decide to do with these color packets!

By Anna Petrone Interior Design


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