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DIY Girls Bedroom Color Packet

This DIY Color Packet gives you three paint colors to choose from that will look good with this wallpaper that is chosen. These three colors compliment the wallpaper in certain ways that I will explain.

The first color I chose that would work with the wallpaper is Ibis White, SW 7000. It is a off-white with a tan undertone that would compliment the wallpaper really well.

The second color chosen is Faint Coral SW 6329. Faint Coral is such a good pink tone color for any little girls room who loves pink. The Faint Coral also compliments the pink flowers on the wallpaper so it will make the pink flowers pop even more.

The third color that is also considered with the wallpaper is Quietude, SW 6212. Quietude is a great color to go with this wallpaper. It looks great with the leaves and it a bold statement with the wallpaper.

Any of these paint colors are great with the wallpaper. Each one compliments something specific about the wallpaper piece. The wallpaper is called Posie Watercolor Floral Mural ||, Traditional or removable Wallpaper. The best part is that it is non-toxic perfect for a kids room. The wallpaper is from etsy and I will have the link below so it will be easy to find!

Link for wallpaper:

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