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DIY Master Bedroom & Bath Color Packet

This is a great color combination if you're looking for something different for your master bedroom and bath. Adding a darker color for an accent wall really can create a focal point for your bedroom. Having the same color/similar shade for your bathroom creates a great flow from room to room.

Selecting a neutral color for the walls really makes the accent wall stand out and create a statement. The deep green is such a beautiful color. It is rich and bold and can add character to the space. I have 3D room examples of what the two colors look like below.

To add more definition for the focal point for the room, you can DIY the wall by board and batten which is another type of wainscoting. Blends different sizes of plywood to create texture and sophistication. Below I have examples of others doing board and batten in their bedrooms.

Colors in 3D View

Board & Batten Wall Ideas

The Colors to this DIY Master Bedroom & Bath Packet are:

Master Bedroom & Bath: Repose Gray, SW 7015

Accent wall color: Thunderous, SW 60211

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We are looking forward to see what you decide to do with these color packets!

By Anna Petrone Interior Design


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