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DIY Natural Color Packet

These colors are beautiful, rich, and natural. The shades and tints go so well together in a home that brings the outdoor indoors. This packet is a great example on what colors to use where in rooms, but also where you can be creative as well!

The Bathroom color is a beautiful cream/white color. It is not a full white, but it will make your small space seem bigger! It goes smoothly well with the other colors.

The Master Bedroom color is a very settle green with a tint of grey. It will look great with any furniture that you have for your space. It is light enough so it doesn't feel like a cave in your Master Bedroom.

The Workout & Office Color is another settle green. Bright and joyful for a office or workout room.

The Office Accent Wall is a deeper green then the workout and office space color. It is a great color to have it be an accent wall. I suggested having it be the back wall of the room so there is an anchor in the office.

The Guest Room Accent Wall is a rich deep green that is beautiful. Dark enough for a accent wall and it really brings the nature indoors with how deep green it is like in Oregon's forest.

The Hallway and Guest Room color is another beautiful cream/white color for the other walls in the guest room and hallway! It is very similar to the bathroom color, but lighter. It compliments the green tones in the home.

This is your time to be creative on what you want to do with these colors that I put together! This is supposed to help any DIYer that is not good with selecting colors but wants to paint themselves and create beautiful spaces!

The DIY Color Packet Colors are:

Bedroom: Pearly White, SW 7009

Master Bedroom: Escape Gray, SW 6185

Workout & Office: Oyster Bay, SW 6206

Office Accent Wall: Retreat, SW 6207

Guest Room Accent wall: Pewter Green, SW 6208

Hallway & Guest Room: Greek Villa, SW 7551

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We are looking forward to see what you decide to do with these color packets!

By Anna Petrone Interior Design


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