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DIY Neutral Color Packet

These colors are neutral and light that will go with any space. Even with the kids bedroom colors. The kid bedroom colors are neutral so you won't have to paint your children's room when they age. This packet is a great example on what colors to use in rooms, but also where you can be creative as well and mix it up! It is your space and your DIY project!

The Kitchen and Family Room color is a lovely soft cream color. It is nice, light, and happy color if you have dark furnishings or a dark space in general.

The Living Room and Dining Room color is a nice light gray with a hint of brown that will look beautiful in any space, especially in a living room and dining room when they are supposed to be more of a more formal place in your home.

The Master Bathroom color is a nice light gray/blue color. It is a very relaxing color for a bathroom. You don't want bathroom colors to be harsh, but why not add a little color.

The Master Bedroom Color is a shade darker than the bathroom which makes it an easy transition from one room to another. It is a gray color with a hint of blue.

For the boys and girls bedrooms I wanted to make sure that they were neutral enough that they will be able to grow with the color. Every kid goes through a color stage (or maybe it was just me) but growing up and seeing the ware and tear on the walls with painting them almost every 3 years was rough on them. So when creating this DIY color packet I wanted to make sure that you can buy accessories that can be your kids favorite color but still have it look excellent with the wall color.

The Boys room color is a nice soft gray with what I see a hint of green.

The Girls room is a nice neutral pink tone. It is more in the pink but it is so light its not over whelming that will last a long time in your girls room.

DIY colors are:

Kitchen & Family Room: Drift of Mist, SW 9166

Living Room & Dining Room: Repose Gray, SW 7015

Master Bathroom: Misty, SW 7232

Master Bedroom: Uncertain Gray, SW 6234

Boys Room: Silverpointe, SW 7653

Girls Room: Individual White, SW 6008

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We are looking forward to see what you decide to do with these color packets!

By Anna Petrone Interior Design


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