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DIY Office Color Packet

This beautiful wallpaper makes a statement with an assortment of floral inspired vintage wallpaper for any room; especially for an office space. The wallpaper can be used for an entire room or an accent wall (as shown below). This Iva wallpaper really makes a statement to your space. The Iva wallpaper adds warmth with the gray walls.

Having a fun floral wallpaper in your office can make the space more enjoyable and more fun to be in! If you are now working from home you might want to make a destination space where you can get work done and enjoy it. Having this wallpaper in your space can add personality, texture and depth.

Finding a good neutral color to compliment with the wallpaper can be difficult. There are a lot of different shades of gray coming through the Iva wallpaper you can use for the rest of your space. The selected gray that was chosen for this DIY office paint packet is Tin Lizzie. Tin Lizzie is the perfect shade of gray to use in the office with the wallpaper. It is not too dark or light to take away from the statement wall[paper.

Colors and wallpaper in 3D View

The Colors to this DIY Office DIY Packet are:

Main color: Tin Lizzie, SW 9163

Wallpaper: From Anthropologie, Iva Wallpaper. Color: Black Motif.

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We are looking forward to see what you decide to do with these color packets!

By Anna Petrone Interior Design


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