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Don't be Afraid to Mix Woods in Your Space

Adding different mix woods in your space can add more depth, warmth and more of a unique touch to your space! Sometimes we are afraid that the tones of the wood would not look good together, that is why we fear of mixing woods together. A design tip is to make sure the wood undertones compliment one another in the space.

In this concept board that I created, you can see that there are mixed wood tones in the space. The woods compliment each other in the space which makes the space more warm, and unique!

Here is another example of work that I did for a Dining Room with mixing wood tones together! You can see that I mixed a natural wood dining table with black chairs and a black console. The natural wood table makes the room more warn and adds some natural texture to the space!

Are you less afraid now to add mixed woods in your space? Good! Lets connect if you are needing a guide through your process!






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