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How a Color Consult Works

Picking a color for your home can be so difficult. All the different tones and hues can be hard to find, but no worries that is why I am here! To take away all of your stress of picking the right color. I do color color consults for exterior and interior of homes. Here are the steps below on how a color consult works.

Set an appointment with Anna.

During this time, Anna will send you a contract (You may pay the Design Fee day of the appointment).

In the mean time of waiting until the day the appointment is set, start thinking about colors you like/dislike. Show Anna inspiration images that you are interested in.

Selecting the colors

During this stage, Anna will go through the rooms that you have selected for new paint and select colors that compliment the pieces that you have in your home. Anna then will take before pictures (if approved in contract).

Ordering the selected colors

This is the last stage for a color consult.

There are two options that can happen:

1. Anna can connect you to a painting company that will give you a quote of cost to paint.

2. If you want to paint your rooms yourself, go for it! You will also receive a discount if you paint your room yourself.


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