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Light, Airy and Fun Floor Patterned Laundry Room

Light, airy and fun patterned tile for a laundry room. Having a small laundry room ins't such a bad thing when you have enough storage and counter space. Having light colors in the space will make it look bigger.

Why wouldn't you love going into a laundry room with a beautiful fun tile? Having shelves where you can store easy access supplies. Cabinets where you can store not so much used supplies that you may have. Enough counter space to fold clothes. A nice sink area with a beautiful wall faucet that adds character to the space.

Sometimes we need to have a beautiful laundry space to actually enjoy doing laundry! Here at Anna Petrone Interior Design, Anna can come into your laundry room under the service called: Full Service Design. Creating a 3-D design, new materials and new fixtures for your space! Sounds easy right? Go to the link below and lets get started!


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