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Light, Airy and Fun Floor Patterned Laundry Room Concept Board

The light, airy and fun patterned tile for a laundry room is here! Was so fun making this small laundry room look bigger from putting together light materials and matte black fixtures and hardware that can pop in the room.

Sometimes we need to have a beautiful laundry space to actually enjoy doing laundry! Here at Anna Petrone Interior Design, Anna can come into your laundry room under the service called: Full Service Design. Creating a 3-D design, new materials and new fixtures for your space! Sounds easy right? Go to the link below and lets get started!

Below are the material names and where the pieces of the concept board are from.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams

Rug: McGee&Co

Flooring: Zia Tile

Hardware: Rejuvenation

Faucet: Kohler

Towel Bar: Kohler


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