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Natural Wood Modern Kitchen

For this kitchen Design the clients wanted natural wood but a hint of blue/grey for the cabinets. They loved the idea of a waterfall island, floor to ceiling cabinets and open shelving. Creating this design was super fun! Especially since the client lives in Armenia! I never pictured myself designing a kitchen in another country!

In this kitchen, I wanted to make it clean and modern. Using White Oak built-in cabinets made the kitchen more welcoming instead of all white counter tops, cabinets and backslash. The other decision that had to be made was where the blue would be. I decided to put the blue on the waterfall island to separate out the wood in the kitchen.

For the open shelves, I wanted it to be cohesive with the space, so I used the White Oak used as the cabinets as the shelves. I also wanted to put the tile all the way up to the ceiling. It gave the wall more texture and pattern with the gorgeous Imbrie Articulation Sconce's from rejuvenation.

For the Kitchen I also wanted to have some fun with the hardware. The hardware pieces are matte black from rejuvenation. The different styles of hardware gives the kitchen more of a personality.

There are a few unique choices that I did in this kitchen design:

1. The upper cabinets are actually 24" high from the counter top. Since there isn't much natural light in the kitchen, and the cabinets that went all the way up to the ceiling, it felt really cramped when the upper cabinets were 18" from counter top. I fell in love for how much more open it looked.

2. Where the range is, on the left side there is a pull out spice shelf. Three in the island there is a pullout recycle and trash can.

3. The last unique piece is that there is another pull out lower cabinet where you can store cooking sheets in.

This kitchen may be modern, but the white oak wood really warms up the space and the backslash gives the kitchen pattern. The open shelves really open up the space and frames the window.


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