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Teak Wood For a Master Bathroom

When designing a bathroom you want to make sure the wood that you are using is a type of wood that is durable to moisture. Teak wood will solve your solutions for when you are looking for the right species of wood to use in a bathroom and let me tell you why.

Teak wood is highly recommended to use in bathrooms from the moisture resistant and rotting. A great positive about teak wood that is does not chip, splinter or crack easily. Teak wood also known for having a long life span. Another great positive for using teak wood that it is naturally beautiful. Gives the space some extra organic color and it is different and refreshing to see in bathrooms.

Teak wood is easily treatable, but if you don't treat it you might loose the rich natural color but that is with most woods. keep up with the treatments than you won't loose the beautiful color.

I recently created a Timeless Modern Master Bath concept board and I used a lot of teak wood for the master bath. It really brings in a lot natural colors and a type of brightness for the space.

The vanity is teak wood and I love how the vanity doors are horizontal slats that gives the vanity extra personality. It is different than what we usually see in master bathrooms. The other teak wood pieces that were used in the concept board were the towel drying latter, and the towel hooks. Using teak wood really brought the concept board together.

If anyone is looking a wood that is durable, moisture resistance and gives color to the space, teak wood is an incredible option.

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