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5 Straightforward Ways to Make Your Retirement House Quickly Feel Like Home

If you recently sold your house, officially entered retirement, and moved into a new place, you may be searching for simple ways to make your new abode feel like home. Whether you’ve moved to a beach house in Miami, Florida, or a woodsy retreat in Albany, Oregon, it may take some time to get comfortable with your new surroundings. Fortunately, these five tips can help you get settled in quickly.

1. Set Up Your Utilities and Get Basic Maintenance Tasks Out of the Way

Before you can start adding personal touches to your new space, you’ll need to take care of the basics first. As soon as you move in, set up key utilities, such as water, gas, electricity, sewer services, and trash collection services, as well as internet, phone, and TV services.

Additionally, you may want to spend a little time on essential maintenance tasks to ensure the house is safe and secure, especially if you retired to an affordable fixer-upper. Take a weekend or two and clean out the gutters, mow the lawn, rake the leaves, power-wash the exterior, and inspect the home for any signs of damage.

2. Find Affordable Ways to Decorate and Personalize Your New Space

According to one study, having a personalized home can lift your spirits. For a happy home environment, find decorations that fit your budget. Some affordable ideas include:

• Picking up decor at thrift shops or flea markets

• Painting an accent wall in each room

• Rearranging the furniture

• Swapping out the light fixtures

• Upgrading the kitchen hardware

• Placing your favorite types of plants throughout your space

3. Address All Pest Issues Immediately to Avoid Infestations and Inconvenience

If you discover any pests, such as mice, in your new dwelling, make sure to address them immediately to avoid large-scale infestations and personal inconveniences. If the problem is left unaddressed, you may need to evacuate the home for fumigations, and your insurance costs could go up.

To get rid of mice infestations quickly, always work with qualified professionals. Start by using to search for ‘exterminator near me for mice.’ Then, check reviews and top ratings to find the best exterminators in your area.

4. Create an Outdoor Oasis and Install External Home Security Measures

Another way to make your house feel more personal is to transform your new backyard into your own oasis. Some backyard additions could include:

• Twinkling lights

• Heat lamps or decorative lamps

• Stone pathways

• A wooden gazebo

• A hot tub

In addition to beautifying the exterior of your house, it’s important to secure it. Consider installing some key security measures, such as a security camera system, an alarm system that automatically calls the police in the event of a break-in, and an electric fence for your pets.

5. Incorporate Small Details That Feel Like Home

Finally, don’t forget to add in a few personal elements in your new space that can remind you of your preretirement home and make the space feel cozy. For instance, you could display:

• Framed photographs of family and friends

• Mementos from your old house, such as a piece of wallpaper or a treasured personal item that used to be on display

• Decorative color combinations you’ve used for years

• Maps or panoramic photos of your home state, if you moved states for retirement

If you’ve moved into a new house after entering retirement, you may want some simple ways to make it feel like home. These five straightforward tips can help you transform your retirement house into a comfortable and familiar oasis.

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