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DIY Boys Bedroom Color Packet

I was inspired by this wallpaper to create a DIY Color Packet for a boys room (or any child's room) who's kids love Bears! I wanted to bring in color to the room but also some pattern and dimension.

Creating a theme for a child's bedroom can sometimes be hard. You want to do something fun that they are interested in and reflect that fun stage in their bedroom. This is a great combination of paint colors and wallpaper that will grow with the child until there early teen years.

The colors that I have chosen are; Slow Green and Extra White from Sherwin Williams.

If you are needing a new trim for the room and even the rest of the home, Extra white SW 7006 is a great option. Slow Green SW 6456 is such a fun green for the space. It creates such good contrast with the darker color Brown Bear Wallpaper.

The wallpaper is from Anthropologie. The name is 'Brown Bear Wallpaper'. A very cool option that you can have from ordering the wallpaper is that there are two kinds of ways you can apply it; Peel and Stick or Unpasted Wallpaper. Peel and Stick is such a good way to put wallpaper in a kids bedroom so than you can easily upgrade the wallpaper when the children are in their teenage years.


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