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How to Measure a Room

Measuring can be intimidating but with my help we can make it less overwhelming and have you one step closer to a new design!

Lets Begin!!

Step 1: Sketch the outline of your space. Add in the windows and doors.

Look at your space, look at how the wall goes straight and then turns into the hallway.

I want you to draw the space out; notice if there is a fireplace, a beam or anything that is part of your floor plan. It is important to have all parts in the sketch!

Step 2: Measure out the space! Start with doing the overall room measurements and ceiling height.

Step 3: Measure where the doors or openings are in your space.


Tip: For the door, don't worry about the trim

Step 4: Measure where the windows are in your space


Repeat this step for your second window as well (if applicable). If having the measurements inside your drawing is too crowded, put them on the outside of your wall.

I hope this helped! Measuring can be difficult so I want to make sure you have the right tools while enjoying the process!

While this is a general guide, a room can be very complicated so please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.


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