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DIY She Shed Color Packet

This DIY She Shed Color Packet is the perfect color combination that won't be outdated. The fun idea of a she shed is that it is your space. Your space to relax, enjoy with friends or have an area where guest can stay at. If you are DIY'ing a she shed you must of had one of those three options in your head.

Picking out a gray for a exterior color is a great idea because it won't go out of date. Plus, you can always change the door color whenever you want too and it will still look good with the gray. The gray is also neutral enough so if you're selling your home in the future, the next residence's won't mind it (But who wouldn't mind a she shed in their back yard! I wouldn't!)

Creating a she shed is your time to feel creative, and making it the space you want it to be. Selecting colors can be difficult, so I did that step for you! Now it is your turn to be creative for the interior!

The gray that I chose is for the exterior of the she shed. It is a nice deep gray that makes it look clean, and modern.